About The Work

Working with us involves completing a range of Micro-Tasks that are designed to promote different businesses.

For example, you could complete Micro-tasks that promote different products or services, such as posting adverts or promoting websites.

Other Micro-Tasks involve writing blogs or creating promotional videos.

Some Micro-tasks pay per-hour and some pay per-task.

You can find out more about what the work involves below.

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What The Work Involves:


Choose What Companies You Want To Work With

There are a wide-range of companies you can work with. Every company has different requirements meaning you can choose what work interests you the most.

Every company you can work with has different requirements and different pay levels.
Some companies pay per-hour and some pay per-task.

Simply choose what companies you want to work with based on the job complexity and the amount you will get paid.

Below are Companies You Could Be Working With:


Follow the Instructions Provided

Every company you accept work from with will provide detailed instructions to ensure you complete the work correctly.

Simply follow the instructions for every company you choose to work with.

Example work you'll be asked to undertake includes:

  • Promoting and Marketing Existing Advertising Material.
  • Creating & Promoting Marketing Videos.
  • Creating & Promoting Social Media Content.
  • Creating & Promoting Blog Posts.
  • Posting Adverts for Different Products / Services.
  • Promoting Website Links.
  • Assisting Potential Customers Online.


Meet Your Targets and Get Paid.

Each company you work with will have clear Task Requirements for you to meet.

Meeting the Task Requirements can be as simple as getting the required number of people to click on a website link you promote online.

There's no limit to what you can earn. Plus, every Micro-Task you choose will clearly display what you'll be able to typically earn every hour.

Example Task-Requirements Include:

  • Getting 50 people to click on a companies website link every hour.
  • Creating 3 x 500 word Blog Posts in an hour.
  • Creating 2 x 5 minute Marketing Videos in an hour.
  • Posting 25 adverts on Facebook every 15 minutes.
  • Promoting a Discount Code alongside an advert.
  • Creating 5 Image Based adverts in an hour.

Every Task-Requirement is easily achievable within the time allocated.

Simply meet the Task Requirements for every Micro-Task to get paid.

There's no limit to what you can earn, so if you complete more than the Task Requirements you will earn more!

Plus, you will be paid a $50 BONUS COMMISSION PAYMENT if any of your promotional work results in a sale.

Some companies also pay a commission payment if your work results in a sale for them.

Simply promote your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE when working for different companies. Your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE will give potential customers a huge discount on the products and services you promote - making it even easier for you to generate sales.

Therefore your potential earnings could be MAXIMIZED with a $50 commission bonus payment every time your work results in a sale.

Typical Earnings Pay Table

Below you can see what most people typically earn by working with us every hour, day and week simply by completing Micro-Tasks.

Typical Earnings Per Hour Daily Income (6 hours per day) Weekly Income (5 days a week)
$15.00 - $25.00 $90.00 - $150.00 $450.00 - $750.00